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IEK DELTA Innovations

Curricula Innovations

IEK DELTA was the first Engineering school in Greece, which began operating as an Automotive Engineering and Refrigeration Technicians’ School, back in 1971. In the following years, new upgraded engineering curricula were created as specializations, based upon demanded by the marketplace, such as:

  • 1997: Driving Instructors
  • 2000: Marine Engines Mechanics
  • 2003: InteriorInstallationsElectricians
  • 2003: Burner and Central Heating Technician
  • 2005: Gas Fuels Technicians
  • 2008: Motorcycle Mechanics

These programs were approved by the Ministry of Education and operated exclusively at IEK DELTA for many years. Even today IEK DELTA firmly holds the tradition of qualitative technical education.

Leadership in Tourism Industry

IEK DELTA was the first Vocational Training Institute to introduce Culinary Arts in the curricula of the Ministry of Education since 1998, and offers comprehensive training in topical professions of Culinary Art Technician (Chef).

The department of Tourism of IEK DELTA is characterized by a high level of education, releasing in the market hundreds of graduates each year. Partnerships with the country's largest hotel chains ensure the possibility of practical training for all students.

Leadership in Green Energy

IEK DELTA is the first and only educational institution in Greece with photovoltaic installations and experimental wind turbines that are available to students for study and expertise.

IEK DELTA, is a pioneer in the development of new technologies and is recognized for its environmental concerns. The school provides the labor market with skilled technicians that serve the needs of Green Development. Photovoltaics, wind turbines, geothermal energy and renewable energy resources generally require specialized personel for their proper function, which ensures the protection and guarantee of a better quality of life.

IEK DELTA covers part of its energy needs with photovoltaic elements and it also conducts energy studies aiming to reduce the amount of energy consumed by the buildings of the school.

Leadership in Vocational Rehabilitation

Since 2008 IEK DELTA has been the first Vocational Training Institute, which inspired and created the employment agency site, an active website in order to direct interconnection between students and the marketplace. Students and graduates of IEK DELTA, using their own personal credentials, can post their CVs and update them in real time during their studies and their subsequent career.

They also have the ability to choose their preferable companies and listings, in which they want to submit their CV.

Companies have the ability to seek, filter and select between employee - candidates on the basis of the criteria that are relevant to them.

Sovereignty in Race Car

Since 2005, the department of Automobile Engineering has begun to cooperate with Takis Skaltsas. IEK DELTA granted the team of the champion with the historic FORD ESCORT racing ascent and circuit, thus allowing students to experience the fever of speed and glory of the World Cup. In spring 2007 the mechanics of IEK DELTA had their own racing team, the DELTA RACING TEAM. The group accompanied officially the historic car with Takis Skaltsas and covered its needs with the appropriate professionalism. The successful experiment resulted in the continuation of cooperation during the next season of 2008 too.