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IEK DELTA Certifications

Aiming the continuing education of its students, IEK DELTA developed ties with national and international bodies of vocational certifications.  Thus, our students acquire recognized certificates, which are strong qualifications for their professional career.

Certified Lifelong Learning Centers - Level 2

Logo for Lifelong Learning Center 2 DELTA Thessaloniki
Logo for Lifelong Learning Center 2 DELTA Athens
Logo for Lifelong Learning Center 2 DELTA Ioannina

APPLE Authorized Training Center

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APPLE Authorized Training Center operates in IEK DELTA since 2010. In a special workshop fully equipped, the official program of APPLE is offered and provides to the department of Sound and Music Technology the LogicPro9 software and to the department of Computer Technology the operating systems Mac OS X Support Essentials 10.6 και Mac OS X Server Essentials 10.6.

CISCO Networking Local Academy

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In IEK DELTA operates the CISCO Networking Local Academy, the first to be certified in Greece. Dozens of students are trained each year in a special workshop with modern network equipment by CISCO and acquire the certificate CCNA - Cisco Certified Networking Associate.



IEK DELTA has been certified as ECDL Examination Center since 2002. It provides tutorials for Core and ECDL Expert and organizes examinations for the acquisition of the relevant certificates, which are recognized by the public sector.

NCFE International Certification


NCFE certification provides IEK DELTA students the opportunity to broaden their field of knowledge so as to be able to respond to senior management positions with the analogous salary overhaul.



IEK DELTA enables students of Economics &Business Administration department to acquirethe Specialization Certificate by the company EPSILONET, which specializes in accounting programs. Through a series of specialized courses, students are led to the acquisition of letters signed by the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

We innovate...

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