The foundation of every state is the EDUCATION of its youth.


IEK DELTA Corporate Responsibility

The purpose of IEK DELTA, as a leading training organization, is not only the transfer of knowledge and skills but also the cultivation of and education in the students community. The creation of integrated professionals and integrated personalities are objectives inherent to the administration of the school and the administrative and teaching staff.

Graphic for the social responsibility of IEK DELTA

IEK DELTA has incorporated Corporate Social Responsibility as an integral part of its activities, by taking initiatives and actions supporting organizations for the benefit of society.

The entire student community, administrative and teaching staff actively participates in the implementation of social responsibility programs, showing that apart from education equally important is the cultivation of tender feelings towards our fellow citizens.

Repetitive Actions

Annual Charity Bazaar

Each December IEK DELTA students send their own message of hope, organizing Charity Christmas Bazaars in Athens & Thessaloniki and Ioannina.

A large number of people responding to the call of IEK DELTA have the opportunity to buy Christmas items, ornaments, gifts and sweets made by students of all departments! Hot dishes made  by cooks and chefs, Christmas sweets by pastry chefs, CD with carols by music technology department, Christmas cards by graphic designers, ornament compositions by decorators, tales by the Special Education Preschool department, T-Shirts by fashion designers, etc.

The revenue collected is given to the non-governmental organizations, including: Children Care Center "AgiosDimitrios", FLAME (Parents' Association with children with Neoplastic disease), ALKYONI (parents, guardians & friends association for disabled guests), ELEPAP (Greek company for the protection and restorationof disabled children), the Social Care Center "AgiosPanteleimonas", Kivotos tou Kosmou (Center Housing children without family).

Every year the events are under the auspices of government agencies, are supported by companies that offer products for sale and get published by the media.

Supporting Agios Stylianos Nursery

The entire student community supports the Municipal Nursery of Thessaloniki "AgiosStylianos". The first official participation of IEK DELTA in the activities of the nursery was the day of celebration of the saint, on November 26, when the department of Culinary Arts actively participated by preparing the buffet with lenten dishes, during the awarding ceremony that was attended by representatives of municipality and a number of people.

The Computer Science department has submitted proposals to the administrative council of the nursery to renew its website, and the intention to take over the management of the site. Moreover, the Applied Arts department took over the decoration of the nursery’s surroundings, decorating the benches in the courtyard with the technique of graffiti. A proposal for the creation of a new nameplate of the nursery was submitted, too.  During the festive period, a joyful Christmas celebration was organized for children staying at the nursery by the Preschool Education department. The students of Music Technology & Sound Engineering played live music, giving their own tone of celebration, with festive songs and carols.

Ecological Awareness Week

Every year IEK DELTA organizes a week dedicated to the protection of the environment and ecologyin Athens and Thessaloniki and Ioannina. Presentations of organizations, forums, seminars, workshops, case studies, video projections and external actions are carried out to spread the message of environmental protection.

The institutions that have corresponded to the annual call of IEK DELTA are many and of great importance: Mediterranean SOS Network, Address of Cleanness of Municipality of Athens, Hellenic Gas Transmission System Operator, Ecotexnologia, Ecological Company of Recycling, Schneider Electric, Hellenic Postbank GreenInstitute, Arcturos, AFIS S.A., Quality Net, Recycling Department of Municipality of Thessaloniki, Exel Group, IANOS Book Store, Quality Net, Oikoenergeiaki Simmetohon Ltd., ECODEVELOPMENT,  EcoCity, Recycling & Waste and Environmental Quality of Life and Open Spaces mayoralties of Thessaloniki, Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation.

Green Roof

The first green roof in the center of Thessaloniki grows on the roof of the IEK DELTA building. After placing the assembled OS-8 units, the company Oikosteges planted fresh herbs, three varieties of tomato and alpine strawberry. In the area veneers were placed for climbing plants such as jasmine, honeysuckle, etc.

Photo of IEK DELTA green roof

The benefits of green roof are multiple, including aesthetic upgrade, improvement of air quality, noise reduction and electromagnetic radiation protection.

The green roof of IEK DELTA is the only green roof at an educational institution in the country!

Voluntary Blood Donation

The Paramedical Department of IEK DELTA hosts an annual blood donation in collaboration with the Hippocratic Hospital of Thessaloniki and Athens General Hospital "Evangelismos". The call is to strengthen the blood bank, which will cover any future needs of students and their families.

German Bazaar

The Culinary Arts department takes part in voluntarily in the standard Christmas Bazaar of the German School of Thessaloniki, taking charge of the grill and preparing tasty recipes from Germany. Moreover, pastry students bring the aroma of traditional German Christmas, by preparing delicious desserts. Revenue is given to indigent persons, repatriated from German-speaking countries and Greek-German families.


IEK DELTA, in the context of the social policy that has developed, offers every year full scholarships for studies in poor families. The last years have studied the specificity of their choice members of the social organization AGAPI, the orphanage ΜΕΛΙSSΑ, SOS Children’S Villages, the Juvenile Court, etc.

The aim of the scholarship program is to provide all young people the right to acquire knowledge and expectations for a better future.

Outlet for the Unemployed

IEK DELTA, has always been sensitive to population groups that face the problem of unemployment but wish to develop their knowledge and thorizons, and stands next to them!

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, IEK DELTA participates in OAED (Greek Manpower Employement Organization) program providing discount in each area of study in any of the 45 competitive specialties offered. Prerequisite is the existence of the OAED unemployment card of stakeholders.

General Vision

The continuous supply of IEK DELTA to social organizations includes services offered by students, technological equipment, and donations for the needs they have.