The foundation of every state is the EDUCATION of its youth.


IEK DELTA Philosophy


We believe in instant communication!

None of the expensive radio - television productions and spots, that are flooding the media can reflect accurately the educational environment of our schools and its extensions. We have always in mind that we are a large organization, which embraces the student community, divided into different "races", divided into different areas of specialties, from computer science to engineering and the culinary arts to music studies. Specialties that differ not only in the skills they require, but also in the codes of conduct, the tools they use, the philosophy which they contain.


Our core values?

High-skilled and complete professionals through studies in fields entirely driven by the labor market!

In our splendid and long lasting history we learned that...

The successful "professional" school should create complete professionals, not only by teaching higher level studies but also building with all the ways integrated personalities.

As a result:

  • 60% of the educational program is vocational training
  • 70% of our educational staff are well-established educational officers and successful professionals, actively occupied in the market.
  • For this reason, we provide additional possibilities for training, creativity and sociability. 
  • Additionally, our schools are entirely driven by the labor market. Leading companies, through personal contact, convey to our students the culture of professions, nourishing their ambition as well as their experience for a scientific and technological career.

Therefore, we take care of giving opportunities to our students to cultivate our talents as well as to develop their personal characteristics. Ultimately, we do not only create professionals but also modern citizens and socially integrated personalities.

In your personal contact with us, you realize the immediacy that characterizes our collaboration with the student community. You will confirm the penetration opportunities that we provide in your specialty of choice and in the wider society.

Leading to...

State Diploma